I moved into my new place in Capitol Hill over three months ago but it took a while before I felt unpacked and at home. Even though the days are turning colder and wetter, the place is finally starting to feel warm and welcoming.


[The mirror ($70) was found two blocks away at a garage sale. Oddly enough, I have been a repeat customer at this family's home as they have hosted multiple garage sales throughout the summer.]


[A kitty cat piggy bank ($3) that guards all my pesky change.]


[Vintage landscape photographs ($10 for both) that were bought at the same yard sales as the giant gold mirror.]


[I have a nasty habit of ripping things out of magazines and hoarding them away in a dark drawer only to recycle them months later. Instead, I'm trying to display them with hopes of absorbing some inspiration.]


[Godfrey and Donovan had a brotherly love photoshoot--with slight homosexual undertones.]

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