Thanks for your brain collage, Brittany.


Thank god for fall and thank god for daylight savings' end.


I've heard of Grooveshark for quite some time but only now have I seen the beauty of this idea.


I moved into my new place in Capitol Hill over three months ago but it took a while before I felt unpacked and at home. Even though the days are turning colder and wetter, the place is finally starting to feel warm and welcoming.


[The mirror ($70) was found two blocks away at a garage sale. Oddly enough, I have been a repeat customer at this family's home as they have hosted multiple garage sales throughout the summer.]


[A kitty cat piggy bank ($3) that guards all my pesky change.]


[Vintage landscape photographs ($10 for both) that were bought at the same yard sales as the giant gold mirror.]


[I have a nasty habit of ripping things out of magazines and hoarding them away in a dark drawer only to recycle them months later. Instead, I'm trying to display them with hopes of absorbing some inspiration.]


[Godfrey and Donovan had a brotherly love photoshoot--with slight homosexual undertones.]


[Watching this video has been my daily routine for the last week. Although it's just a simple video montage, there's something about these images, and what happens when they are combined, that's really exciting.]


Despite the fact Father's Day came and went a month ago, my dad received his handmade reward for being an outstanding fatherly figure last weekend. But worth the wait it was. As an avid boater and island explorer, my dad likes both maps and cozy adornments for his boat. Infuse these interests and obviously you get a felt San Juan Island throw pillow.


[First I printed out a map of the islands and then tediously cut each little land mass out of paper]


[Then the felt was cut out from the paper pattern]


[Then pinned to the background piece and stitched]


[And finally, Godfrey graced it with his good luck]





I've always been fascinated with the raw edginess of the 1960s and 1970s. I find the musical and fashion culture in those decades created by the likes of Edie Sedgwick, Bridget Bardot, Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol far more iconic and relatable then the present celebrity options. So when I went through drawers of old photos my parents had stowed away, I felt it my prerogative to share these photos with others and expose the fact that yes, my parents were pretty cool at one time. Take a peek at the Flickr slideshow (for the maximum photo viewing experience I recommend playing the video at the end of this post while watching).

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Home



While it's well into Spring, today's weather is blustery and goosebump-inducing. About a month ago I made these little guys for Easter--a holiday which, for fellow religious-inactives, serves as a welcoming celebration for the Spring Equinox. I neglected to post these until now but I find today suitable in an attempt to at least provide a hint of color on such a dismal excuse for a Spring day.

These little chick nests were made with this recipe except I opted for egg-shaped M&Ms for the nesting inhabitants. The baby chickens were found at the grocery store as a box of six for $0.99.





My immensely talented mother has finally taken her skills to the internet and opened an Etsy store. Actually, I opened it for her but at least it's a step in the web-savvy direction for an old women lost in the chaos of the internet. You can find her Baby Babushka Quilt Pattern at the Quilting Carrie Pattern store.

Here is the beautiful quilt she made her pattern from:


It wasn't until I moved out of my small town and into the big city that I truly learned to appreciate my upbringing. While my fellow cityfolk played in a yard about the size of a sandbox (if they were lucky) with a parent's watchful eye constantly worried about any number of crazies that are known to wander the city, I had 22 sprawling acres to explore and roam freely. And when we had a cougar scare when I was around ten I just had to be sure to bring along my Twin Star whistle to ward off any possible wild cat attack. However, with vast space comes an undeniable urge to fill it.

My sister's and I have always joked that my parents should be featured on one of those hoarders shows due to the volume of junk that has accumulated over the last 30+ years. It wasn't until I stumbled upon this Apartment Therapy house tour that I discovered the distinction between a classic hoarder and a collector. Both my parents are expert collectors. What at first glance may resemble chaos, is actually a pretty systematic process of organization. They seem to thoroughly enjoy finding things, lugging them home and then discovering the perfect spot for them to stay for eternity with like counterparts (whether that be fellow old doors, antique window frames or rubber balls).


Clockwise from top left:
[1] Our pet graveyard where are our much loved furry family members are laid to rest in the shade of evergreen trees.
[2] The iconic cat house that many of our cats and stray cats have called home. The cat house comes complete with heating lamps, scratching posts, and even my toddler bed.
[3] The wooden fence that lines the perimeter of a field that used to keep cows and horses.
[4] One example of organized chaos. Here you can see the old doors and windows that my dad has saved from his demolition jobs, as well as dusty old balls that grandchildren now have the pleasure of playing with.
[5] My dad's old work boot that my mom has turned into a flower pot--talk about recycling.
[6] While this may look like an outhouse, it is actually a smoke house. It hasn't been used for its true purpose in probably over 20 years but yet it still sits.
[7] Inside the barn that once housed our farm animals but now looks frozen in time since the last bunch of cattle we had years ago.
[8] A cement basketball court now used for as an annex patio.


[The back view of the barnwood-siding home my dad built in the 1970s]


[Left: Front view of the house and deck
Right: Work boots left next to an old car being stored in our garage]


[One of the tractors that is housed in the barn]


[Left: A lasting remnant of the baby calves we raised
Right: The weeping willow tree that was found overturned after a
windstorm the first year it was planted.]


[The interior of the garage shows the eclectic collection of bikes, mowers,
cars, four-wheelers, barbecues or anything else with wheels]


[The beginning roots of my animal activism]


[The boardwalk that my dad built for me. While the safety hazards are plenty,
at least the gator is fake]


[This final photo is a prime example of the type of orderly arrangment
that makes up all the junk that graces my family home]


While the symptoms of spring are apparent in this wet city (birds warming up their vocals, sunbeams breaking through the cloud cover ever-so-often, a faint hint of chartreuse latching on to every living thing), our weather god realized that Seattlites wearing sunglasses in March was not acceptable and quickly put a stop to our sunny daydreams with a far more characteristic snowfall. Only a few surviving flakes made their way to the ground but the chill factor jolted everyone out of their warm weather fantasy.

What to do when the thermostat hasn't quite caught up with the temperature change? Why, eat soup of course. Coconut ginger soup did the trick and left me warm and full - which I believe is the optimal body state.



Probably the easiest thing you could ever make...

Coconut Ginger Soup

1 packet of coconut ginger soup mix
1 can of coconut milk
14 oz of vegetable broth
1/2 package of extra firm tofu (I pan-fried it but raw also works)
All the veggies your little heart desires. I opted for carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts and a little cilantro.


So I am pretty deeply in love with my two beautiful long-haired, bottom-of-the-barrel shelter cats. On paper, these two were considered "difficult to adopt" because they had three strikes against them. [1] They were a bonded pair that needed to be adopted out together since they are brothers and being together was all they had ever known; [2] They are FIV+ (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) which sounds harsh but generally means they live a happy, healthy life but are simply more prone to colds and respiratory infections. In reality they just sneeze every once in a while and sometimes snore at night, both of which I find adorable and endearing; [3] They are relatively older cats at almost eight spry years of age. Their 8th birthday happens to be their golden birthday on April 8th. Some may also throw in a [4]th strike since Godfrey is lacking a left eye and a tail but a true cat lover knows these inconveniences are just small details.

Now given everything these little guys have stacked up against them, you would expect a pair of decrepit fur mounds withering away in agony but this is far from the truth for Godfrey and Donovan. See for yourself.


The cutest, pinkest nose I have ever had the privilege to Eskimo kiss.


These wise, old eyes always communicate a subtle ever-knowing intelligence that makes me wonder just how much we underestimate them.


A fierce look of determination captures Godfrey's primitive instincts.


Happiness is a warm sun patch...? Donovan seeks out a beam of sun and lets out a final yawn before retiring to his 6th nap of the day.


Godfrey nestles in for a much needed nap.


I have a new restoration project that I will be posting once my creation is ready for his close-up. In the meantime I wanted to prep everyone for the glory that this extraordinary little guy possesses. Curious? I'll give you a hint. Unicorns are involved.

And finally... my very first unicorn memory. Kenny Loggins' The Last Unicorn on his Return to Pooh Corner lullaby EP. This entire album is epic. Loggins can really throw down a solid lullaby track.


Oh, how I do love type. I like it simple and unpretentious and apparently I also like it when it resembles carbs [see toast and bread type below]. Here are some of the letter sets and font use that I have been crushing over lately. Plus, there is a link to Mueso Sans [the 700 weight is free!] that I use quite regularly now - it's almost my new Helvetica [not really, but close].



Eggs Benedict was an integral part of my Valentine's Day. Every time I look at these crispy muffins with that velvety Hollandaise sauce I get hungry. I wish I could include an intricate recipe with lots of steps and necessary machinery like an immersion blender or maybe a Dutch Oven [that's a funny thought]. Instead, I'll describe something more my cooking level.

1. Take pre-cut English muffins out of bag.
2. Put in toaster.
3. Heat saucepan of water and plop eggs into it. Let cook for 4 minutes.
4. Heat butter and milk and add powered Hollandaise sauce packet.
5. Take English muffins out of toaster, throw eggs on, and spoon sauce on top.

VoilĂ ! Wow, now that was hard work.



I want to introduce you to my asylum. If social norms had no interference on my decisions, I would choose to very rarely venture into the real world and instead hide away in my little bungalow of dreams. But honestly, why would I leave? I have everything I want and need stored away in here - except for maybe an occasional trip to the Joann's Fabric super store. And so, here are some of my very favorite parts of my apartment palace high in the sky.


A shelf of my possessions. A box and necklace handmade by my ever-so-talented Aunt Bunny and dolls also made by her. I could devote an entire post to all the marvelous handmade gifts I have received from her. You can go ahead and acknowledge your jealousy for an aunt like mine now.

Oh and that little patchy, white furball? That was my Christmas present from Santa when I was around ten. As we went to eat our holiday brunch in the other room our dog, Gus, had alternative snacking plans. I found my Christmas kitten completely demolished. Oddly, my mom found it appropriate to keep it and display it in her glass doll cabinet for years until she decided my weirdness had matured enough that I would adore it as she has - even in its dismayed state. I now hold it near and dear to me.


Where I spend my days: my side of the couch. The coziness just oozes out thanks to a shenille throw [a Christmas present from my BFF, Brittany], a floral feather pillow, and a perched Donovan [my napping kitty in the back].


A framed version of the best photo in the world on my mantel. It's a photo taken by one of those cheap disposable underwater cameras. But regardless, it's one of my favorites. Ever.


My condensed collection of magazines. Unless it's a copy of People or Us which becomes obsolete in a matter of hours, I can't bear to throw out old magazines. I can spend entire days scavenging the pages of "outdated" periodicals and always seem to uncover something great that I hadn't noticed during the first look-through.


And finally, the most apparent reason that I adore being in my apartment: My soul mate is always here. Here Godfrey is meowing at me stop doing blog things so we can devote our eternal love to each other.

Miike Snow Black & Blue
[In celebration of the announcement that they will be part of the Sasquatch 2010 lineup]