This weekend I made the move to a studio apartment in Capitol Hill, Seattle. The new place is in a beautiful 1910's building that is full of weird smells, creaky doors, and an inherently rustic feeling that makes you think about all the lives that have been lived out in this tiny city space. Art still needs to be hung and some detail smoothing is still in order but here is a peak at my new—well, actually very old—place.


[The living area has two sets of bay windows which supply ample amounts of daylight since they are both West and South facing.]


[The little crevice that perfectly fits a bed.]


[I usually love waking up to sunshine but luckily there are blinds to banish the light on those certain mornings after late nights when darkness is necessary.]


[The creep in me fully appreciates the ability to people watch from my bed.]


[Rough city life.]


[The front door and hallway, bathroom on the right.]


[Neat old phone that used to be the intercom system throughout the apartment. Unfortunately it no longer works but the phone line hookup still dangles from it.]


[The kitchen may not look like much but the size of this thing is gigantic compared to some of competing apartments I looked at. This is, however, my first stab at life without dishwasher, microwave or garbage disposal. So far, so good.]


[Of all the rooms in the apartment, I'd have to say the bathroom is need of the most help.]


[And while there are no shiny facets or sleek porcelain fixings, I'm quite in love with the character that the old tub and shower hold.]

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