I want to introduce you to my asylum. If social norms had no interference on my decisions, I would choose to very rarely venture into the real world and instead hide away in my little bungalow of dreams. But honestly, why would I leave? I have everything I want and need stored away in here - except for maybe an occasional trip to the Joann's Fabric super store. And so, here are some of my very favorite parts of my apartment palace high in the sky.


A shelf of my possessions. A box and necklace handmade by my ever-so-talented Aunt Bunny and dolls also made by her. I could devote an entire post to all the marvelous handmade gifts I have received from her. You can go ahead and acknowledge your jealousy for an aunt like mine now.

Oh and that little patchy, white furball? That was my Christmas present from Santa when I was around ten. As we went to eat our holiday brunch in the other room our dog, Gus, had alternative snacking plans. I found my Christmas kitten completely demolished. Oddly, my mom found it appropriate to keep it and display it in her glass doll cabinet for years until she decided my weirdness had matured enough that I would adore it as she has - even in its dismayed state. I now hold it near and dear to me.


Where I spend my days: my side of the couch. The coziness just oozes out thanks to a shenille throw [a Christmas present from my BFF, Brittany], a floral feather pillow, and a perched Donovan [my napping kitty in the back].


A framed version of the best photo in the world on my mantel. It's a photo taken by one of those cheap disposable underwater cameras. But regardless, it's one of my favorites. Ever.


My condensed collection of magazines. Unless it's a copy of People or Us which becomes obsolete in a matter of hours, I can't bear to throw out old magazines. I can spend entire days scavenging the pages of "outdated" periodicals and always seem to uncover something great that I hadn't noticed during the first look-through.


And finally, the most apparent reason that I adore being in my apartment: My soul mate is always here. Here Godfrey is meowing at me stop doing blog things so we can devote our eternal love to each other.

Miike Snow Black & Blue
[In celebration of the announcement that they will be part of the Sasquatch 2010 lineup]

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