So, I make cat pillows. No, not pillows for cats to lie on. No, I make pillows – throw-pillows if you will – that make-up a shape that slightly resembles a feline [and by slightly I do mean abstractly]. I think they are cute as hell and creating them helps tame my urge to establish a small kitty compound. As Valentine’s Day nears, I decided to design some little love cats.

[I ran out of black floss so I will display the final project as soon as I get in a trip to Jo-Ann's]

The mainstream imagery of Valentine’s Day makes me want to gag but I absolutely adore the rich colors of these silk, rayon and polyester fabrics I used to make these little guys. The names of these prints [paprika, claret, merlot, sorbet and roset] are far more romantic then the trite pink and red color scheme of the holiday.


Tanlines Real Life

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