I do spend way too much of my time on Etsy. But in my defense it is addictive so there isn't much I can do about it. I've compiled some of my favorite Seattle-based Etsy stores because... well, just because I wanted to.


I absolutely love this camera bag from Ketti Handbags. I'm really into this old gold color. After inspecting the tidy little camera compartments it makes me feel like my camera will file for neglect because of the way I tote him around totally exposed and naked.


These intriguing little paintings can be found at Miss Bojambo. I think these would fit perfectly with the decor in my dressing chamber or perhaps my powder room.


This little twig bracelet by Amor Luxe stood out to me because it looks so familiar - like a little pendent or knickknack that survived 20 years in the bottom of a trunk or in the pocket of an old coat - completely forgotten but so ready for a revival.

Okay, enough personification of cameras and bracelets. Happy Friday!

Vampire Weekend Horchata

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