I have always heard that fudge was unbelievably easy to make but this recipe was so simple that I thought I had missed some steps. I used this recipe but forwent the Christmas theme and instead sought the appropriate February propaganda of hearts and lovey dovey sentiments.


Godfrey was all in my business as I was trying to do something productive so I had to include him in the photoshoot. He was so pleased with himself when he got my attention and didn't mind that doing so entailed keeping a candy heart on his head.


After making, chilling, and decorating the fudge, each piece was placed in a tiny silver candy paper and placed inside a box ready for wrapping.


I put my old Urban Outfitters catalogs to good use and used the floral patterns and decorative images that cover the pages as wrapping paper.


The final product yields an inexpensive and heartfelt Valentine's package to send to anyone you happen to fancy.

Grizzly Bear Two Weeks

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